Opinion & Action Services Ltd, Strategy, Planning and Communication Consultants was founded in December 2002.

It provides a broad framework of consulting services in the field of strategy, planning and communication addressed to public authorities, organizations, enterprises and institutions in the private and voluntary sector.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of communications, political science, law, international and European affairs, sociology and journalism, the company’s executives make the best out of every project.

Opinion specializes in developing strategic proposals that combine scientific knowledge, research and documentation through a well-planned communication strategy.  Opinion uses all modern media including newspapers, radio, television, Internet, as well as social media to achieve the maximum possible dissemination of messages to the general public or a selected target group.

O U R   B E L I E F


The promotion of projects, products and services, must come together with the scientific knowledge and the art of communication with a unique way, which responds to the needs of the client, the society and the market.

We shape opinions and take action!