Industries we served

Opinion and Action utilizes all tools and means for communication to materialize its outputs

Strategy, Analysis & Research

We design a communication strategy and define the tools for its implementation. We analyze the environment in which the communication will take place. We rely on research and data processing to develop our strategy.

Company Profiling

We shape corporate identity and give it the aesthetic of a state-of-the-art design approach. With slogan, motto we give the distinct mark of an organization.
We develop design standards for various communication solutions. We promote the Social Corporate Responsibility projects.


We implement communication by spreading messages. We undertake the drafting of texts and the production of audiovisual products and graphics.
We adapt the forms of communication to modern techniques and to various media: the Internet, television, radio, newspapers, etc.

Project Management

We undertake the design and implementation of projects in our areas of expertise. We apply management models with high standards and quality evaluation.

Event Organisation

We organize awareness campaigns with a variety of events, supported by communication activities. Consultation actions, seminars, seminars, conferences with physics, panel and round table discussions, lectures, networking meetings, press conferences, etc. With physical, hybrid, or online presence.


We operate as a Vocational Training Centre. We design educational programs, training, and educational seminars. We design Open Educational Resources and promote lifelong learning in practice.


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